Friday, July 25, 2008

I Like My Jose Reyes Dancing

I came across a truly disgusting account of broadcasting last night when I happened to catch the guys on SNY's Loudmouths discussing this topic. During Wednesday night's game, when Jose Reyes hit his game winning 3-run home run he rounded the bases with his had in the air and pionted to the sky when he hit home plate.

The antics prompted the Phillies broadcaster and former reliever Larry Andersen to say on the air, “Somebody ought to put one in his neck.” Which he soon followed up with, "He acts like he just won the World Series."

For any professional broadcaster to say that someone needs to "put one in his neck" is just uncalled for. Show some professionalism and keep your home team emotions to yourself. Also, did this guy not see Shane Victorino's multitude of celebrations the night before? Did he suggest someone ought to put one in his neck? No, because no one would be able to with that silly double-eared helmet on his noggin.

Much has been made of Reyes' celebrations and I'm hear to tell you that I like my Jose Reyes dancing. Why? Because if Reyes is dancing, it means the Mets are winning. Let Reyes dance this team into a pennant race. As long as his production is up, he can do every jig in his repertoire.

Come on folks, this is New York sports. We crave our hot shots and showboats. This is the home of the Babe calling his shot, Reggie taking bows in right field, the Mark Jackson shimmy shake, the land of the curtain calls, Patrick Ewing jumping on scorer's tables, and Clyde Frazier's wardrobe.

Embrace the showboater. Love him. Let him be.

Jose Reyes is our young superstar in the making, and he is leading this team into first place. That makes me feel like doing a little routine on the top step of the dugout too.

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