Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things to Do on the Off Day

The trading deadline has come and past and nada. Nothing. Diddly. Squat. Zilch. The Mets are going to take their chances on the waiver wire or else just stand pat with the team as is. Start praying now for our bullpen.

But the Mets are off tonight, so instead of dwelling on the Mets inability to make a deal here are some things you should check out this evening:
  1. Go outside - It's hot. It's humid. Go work up a sweat instead of sitting on the couch all night.
  2. Then visit Starbucks and try out their new Banana Chocolate Frappucino. Tastes like you're drinking a banana split with chocolate ice cream.
  3. Pick up Shea Goodbye on DVD. Great video to watch. Brings back some memories.
  4. Stay up to watch Burn Notice on USA. Great show. Great cast. Very cool show. Plus they always blow up a ton of stuff.
Go forth and relax. You'll need all your nerves ready for tomorrow night when Pedro returns.

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