Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to Bizarro World

Carlos Delgado is leading the team in home runs.
Aaron Heilmna is the most reliable relief pitcher after Billy Wagner.
A has been baseball player, named Fernando Tatis, can't get out.
Oliver Perez appears to be sane (except when he's up to bat).

Where are we? Welcome to the bizarro world that is the Mets season. What you thought you could count on is no longer. Up is down. Left is right. Dark is day. It's craziness and it makes for great baseball.

Carlos Delgado came through yet again last night with a huge home run that gave the Mets the lead for good over the Marlins. Delgado's swing looks so much better, but I wonder if his resurgence has to do with his eyesight. I have trouble believing that Delgado fixed his dismal performance at the plate by just being more patient. I wonder if he got his eyes checked or had laser eye surgery or something because he is seeing the ball a whole lot better.

Oliver Perez looked totally in control last night and ever since Rick Peterson left the ballclub Perez looks like a new man. Last night Reyes went 3 for 5, but didn't score a run. Even when Reyes doesn't score, but hits well, the Mets win.

Anyone else think last night that you would really, really like to have Marlins reliever Matt Lindstrom in the Mets bullpen? Yeah, me too.

Big Mike Pelfrey goes tonight. Another series win is what the Mets need to maintain their lead over the Phils and set the Marlins back another game.

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