Monday, July 14, 2008

Number Nine in Primetime

In my estimation, Big Mike Pelfrey is officially a legitimate starter.

Pelfrey went 8 innings giving up no runs, walking no one and striking out 5. His fastball was nasty last night and he was throwing it up in the zone just begging Colorado sluggers to try and touch it. His sinker was on target as well.

I loved it when the Shea crowd starting chanting "Let's Go Pelfrey" in the bottom of the 8th when he was in a bit of a tough spot. The crowd got him pumped and he was able to finish out the inning and complete a fantastic run of 9 straight wins.

Carlos Beltran & Carlos Delgado both homered making it the 9th straight game that the Mets have hit a home run. The long ball is helping fuel this winning streak, but the Mets are doing the small things right too.

It's a shame that the All Star break had to arrive. I have a sense that this team would keep on rolling if they were playing every day. We'll see what happens Thursday night if the days off helps or hurts this team's streak.

Either way I would have never guessed this team had a 9 game win streak in them. Sometimes a change will do you good.

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The Adjunct Professor said...

Pelfrey just looks so much more comfortable and more intimidating on the mound. Whether that is his confidence, his growth, or his beard, I don't know but it is great to see it.