Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Pedro

It's easy to place the blame on the bullpen last night. Sure they gave up a walk-off homer and some other runs, but to me this loss is on Pedro.

And it's not just this loss that's making me think this way. Pedro hasn't had a good start yet. Honestly, I think he's done. He came back to pitch better after the rain delay, but he already dug himself a 4 run hole.

The Mets showed me some life in their lineup by coming back from a 4-0 deficit to take a 7-5 lead, but in usualy Mets fashion they look to disappoint.

Soon it was 7-7 and then I thought Endy Chavez was going to rob Troy Glaus of his walk-off homer, but it was not to be.

They need a win tonight, but can they keep up the offensive fireworks? I don't think so, but they need to scratch out a few runs to get a win.

And Omar needs to start thinking about how he might need to replace Pedro in the second half of the season if this keeps up.

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bryan said...

And don't forget...Beltran the Bear has gone back to his cave. For me the key was not driving Wright in after his triple in the 7th. As the cleanup hitter, you have to get him in! It's fundamental baseball and this team sucks at fundamentals. I hate this team!