Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Obvious. Mets Need Bullpen Help.

Through 7 and a half innings last night the Mets looked like a team that had everything going for them. The Marlins couldn't field the ball. The Mets were getting hits when they needed them, and the pitching was in order.

Then enters the Mets bullpen.

For the second time in the last two weeks the Mets bullpen exploded for 5 runs in half an inning to lose the game. John Maine had to exit early and Carlos Muniz did an ok job of filling in. Sanchez even looked ok. But Joe Smith, Scott Blowenweiss couldn't get a batter out giving up 6 hits and 5 runs between them.

It should now be crystal clear what the Mets need to do before the trading deadline: go get some relief pitching.

I read yesterday that the Tigers are interested in Scott Blowenweiss. Good, call 'em up and hand him over. Outside of Billy Wagner do you know who the most reliable arm in the bullpen is? It's Aaron Heilman, which is incredible considering how Heilman started this year. But outside of Wagner and Heilman, there's no one I would trust to come into the game and get a tough out. Sanchez and Feliciano are good arms to have, but neither of them have proven to be reliable.

Let's go out and get ourselves some bullpen help. If you think about it the last two seasons what has been the downfall of the Mets? It's the pitching. Last year the starting pitching and bullpen couldn't get anyone out in the final week of the season. And ultimately in 2006 it was the bullpen that blew the games against the Cardinals.

The Mets can score runs. They've proven that over the last two weeks. One thing they can't do consistently is stop their opponents from having big innings late in the game. At this point I'd take any reliable pitching that the Mets can get on the market. Between Maine's shoulder and Pedro's nagging injuries, there's no harm in getting an extra arm that can start either, but I think the bullpen should be the top priority.

If you still don't believe, go watch a tape of last Monday's game against the Phillies.

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