Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Must Win Was Won

Hey, all's forgiven. At least for 12 more hours.

The Mets impressed me tonight. Their performance wasn't so exceptional, but it was the fact that they overcame the collapse last night and all the media hype that surrounded it to get a big win against their NL East nemesis.Yes, in my mind, the Phillies have surpassed the Braves as our division nemesis.

The Mets scored enough runs to put themselves in a position to win. Jose Reyes continues to impress. Big time home run on a pitch up in the zone. The amazing thing was his swing was totally level. Usually Reyes likes to throw an uppercut swing at you, but he kept his bat level and crushed it.

Who knew the bullpen could hold a three run lead like it was a walk in the park? Schoenweiss, Smith, and our much beloved prodigal son, Billy Wagner, all pitched without any drama or troubles.

And wasn't it great to see Marlon Anderson in left field again? Who wouldn't want a left fielder batting .203?

The play of the night may have been Billy Wagner beating Shane "I'm Really Annyoing" Victorino to the first base bag. I honestly thought Wagner would have given him an elbow to the face if necessary to get that out. I wouldn't have blamed him if he did.

Rubber game tomorrow. A series win would be big for the Mets psyche, especially after Tuesday's debacle.

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bryan said...

maybe the night before wasn't one of the worst regular season defeats after all...

huge win!