Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gets By Buckner Ringtone

So I'm listening to Boomer & Carton on the way to work and Craig Carton starts talking about how he downloaded the 1986 "Gets by Buckner" ringtone off of The only thing is it's the Vin Scully call from TV not the Bob Murphy call from WFAN. He asked why he couldn't get the Bob Murphy call.

I called up the station and mentioned that since the Mets site is owned by MLB, they are only offerring the official MLB version of the call. The Bob Murphy call was on WFAN, an official team radio station, so MLB uses their official broadcast of the call to sell on their website.

I totally understand Craig Carton's beef with this and as a Mets Lifer of course we want the Bob Murphy call. The Vin Scully call of that play is great, but come on. You can't compete with the Murph.

So I figured it was my duty to all Mets Lifers to offer you an MP3 version of the 1986 Mets "Gets by Buckner" call by Bob Murphy. Craig Carton, if you still want the Bob Murphy version of the ringtone, here it is.

Click here to download the Bob Murphy call of the "Gets By Buckner" play from Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

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