Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Wright is Quitely Having a Really Good Season

David Wright has yet to go on a big time hitting streak this season. He's kind of been slow to start and hasn't really found his groove yet. I'm waiting for him to explode offensively and just go on a tare. But somehow David Wright is on pace to bat .280, hit 32 home runs and drive in 135 RBI.We're a little over halfway through the season and if you would have told me that David Wright is on pace to hit over 130 RBI I would have told you to check your stats. Yet it's true. Wright is having one of the best offensive seasons of his career and in the NL from a numbers perspective.I'm sure we'd all like to see him hitting over .300, but the productivity is there. His slugging percentage is slightly down compared to last year (currently at .510 compared to .546 last season), but he's picked that up of late. Now let's imagine that David Wright goes on his annual second half hitting barrage. What kind of numbers might we see?It's nice to think of that scenario, but a season where Wright hits +30 homers and +125 RBI is enough for me.The Mets need that steady production as Beltran and Delgado continue to ride their offensive roller coasters. And by the way, how is David Wright not on the All Star team?

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bryan said...

The All Stars is a mockery if he is not on that team.