Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Abomination

Somewhere, right now, Johan Santana is talking to his agent trying to find a way to get out of this contract. And I can't say I blame him.

Santana came through giving up only 2 runs through 8 innings. Unfortunately, they play 9 innings.

Hey Duaner Sanchez. You're fired as closer. Forever. That's right. Until the world is turned into dust and no living soul walks the face of this planet, you will never be the Mets closer again. Talk about choke job.

This is a backbreaker folks. You went from 3 outs to feeling really good to just pain beyond all imagination. The play in the field was horrid. So much for Endy Chavez being the defensive specialist. Reyes botched a potential out. Feliciano had a tailor made double play ball that resulted in only one.

Why did it take so long to bring in Heilman? I get you're trying to play the righty/lefty game, but as soon as Sanchez folded faster than a Gap employee, you gotta go to your next best pitcher in the pen to stop the bleeding.

This may have been the worst 9th inning I've ever seen. I kept getting flashbacks of that magical 8th inning the Mets had against the Braves back when Piazza played and we scored like 9 runs in an inning. Only this time it was happening to us.

This will be very hard to come back from. Be prepared for plenty of mentions of the collapse tomorrow. Be prepared for Billy Wagner's absence to be bantered about. But worst of all be prepared for another loss tomorrow. The Mets are notorious for their inability to come back quickly from the brink.

Good luck John Maine. Hope you have a no hitter in you.


bryan said...

they will get swept as will the season. just unbelievable!

bryan said...
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