Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Name Is Clutch

Fernando Tatis might be what's written on his driver's license, but he's known as Clutch to me.

Tatis has single handedly won at least 7 baseball games for the Mets this year, and this was a guy who was out of baseball and an after thought in this lineup. I can say with confidence that the Mets would not be in first place right now if it weren't for Fernando Tatis.

His 9th inning heroics on Saturday night will be forgotten because the Mets lost, but you can't understate how huge that was coming from your #7 hitter. I know Bryan just posted how the Mets should go out and get Randy Winn, but I'm starting to question whether the Mets need a corner outfielder as badly as we thought?

I say let's ride the Tatis gravy train as far as it will take us. The guy is not on a hot streak. He's been batting over .300 since the beginning of June and more importantly he always seems to come through in the clutch. That, my fellow Mets Lifers, is more important than average, OBP and slugging percentage.

I agree with Bryan that if the Mets can get Randy Winn for a song and a dance, you have to do it. But even if they don't, Fernando Tatis is my starting left fielder for the rest of this season. He's earned it.

And even if he fades a little come the dog days of August, I have a huge amount of confidence that in a September pennant race Fernando Tatis will find a way to make himself a hero once again.

He's Clutch.

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MetsCenter said...

I agree, and the best thing about him is he really plays hard. The only thing is he may eventually come back to earth.