Friday, July 11, 2008

Should The Mets Be Buyers Or Sellers? Silly Question.

Should the Mets be buyers or sellers? Please hang in there while I collect myself as I've just fallen out of my chair laughing.

Of course the Mets should be buyers! It's not even a question. It's an imperative statement.

Moises Alou has just crawled into his leather chair at the local nursing home and has seen his last days in a Mets uniform. Ryan Church, who had been the Mets best hitter, is still questionable with this looming head injury. Luis Castillo. . .well, no one is really missing Luis right now. All of this and the Mets have won 6 straight and are 1.5 games out of first.

This is buy season and the Mets need a corner outfielder not named Bonds as priority one. There's talk of Matt Holliday, who would be a phenomenal pickup for this season. However I'm not sold on him as a career .300/30/125 guy. He's playing in Coors Field which tends to pad stats and I'm not sure if he's ready for the jump from quiet Denver to the buzzing NYC.

Xavier Nady is having a fantastic year, and I'd love to see the Mets make a push to get him. The other wild card out there is Ken Griffey, Jr. He's not the Griffey of old but he does add some pop to the middle of the order. I would not give up any youth for Griffey who we all know is on his last legs. For Nady, I might give up one or two prospects, but nothing close to the talent of Fernando Martinez.

The only way the Mets should give up FMart is if they receive a hands-down All Star in return. Now I'm not saying that FMart alone is worthy of being traded for an All Star, but in a package deal that's the only way I'd give him up.

Part of me is hoping for a deal with the devil and the Braves will trade us Mark Texeira. That's a pipe dream I know, but let a man dream.

I think with the addition of a solid corner outfielder and maybe an extra bat off the bench (say goodbye Marlon Anderson) the Mets can put themselves in position to win the NL East.

They're going to have to win the division as the Wild Card may already be out of reach.


bryan said...

Great post. Ibanez;s name is out there also who I like also. And Randy Winn is hitting .330 with RISP - both of these guys are not big name sluggers but they're good and are cheaper. Winn could be the perfect #2 hitter behind Reyes. I'd love Holliday but that's just a pipe dream. Nady will be too expensive. Griffey? Hmm...if he's dirt cheap.

dave said...

Yeah, I like Winn too. The only thing is he has an extra year on his contract for like $9 million. Ibanez is ok, but I hear what you're saying about being cheaper and they might do just as well as the big name guys.

bryan said...

no idea winn made that much cash. wow.