Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mets Should Get Winn

No, he’s not a big name like Matt Holliday. Nor does he carry a big bat like Adam Dunn or even Xavier Nady. But Randy Winn is a solid player and he does have a robust .348 average with 2 outs and RISP. Plus he’s a savvy veteran and could be a perfect 2 hitter behind Reyes. Don’t underestimate the value of a good 2 hitter. Everyone gets hung up on power, but a professional hitter in the 2nd slot could be a difference maker for the Mets.

I like Endy Chavez, and he’s performed admirably, but he’s too much of a hacker at the plate, and doesn’t hit well in the clutch. His greatest value is as a 4th outfielder. And who could complain about the performance of Super Hero Fernando Tatis? This guy, without question, is one of the biggest keys for this Mets turnaround. Heck, I’m starting to believe more and more that he might just be able to sustain this miraculous run he’s on. If nothing else, the guy is Mr. Clutch. That home run last night? Come on, this guy rules. Love him! TATIS…TATIS…TATIS!

So even if Tatis continues to produce, I still get Winn. Maybe you set up a platoon situation. Winn is certainly versatile. Plus, everyone knows he’s better than Marlon Anderson. A switch hitter, Winn has primarily been hitting 3rd for a weak Giants’ offense. His .294 average with runners in scoring position is better than anyone on the Mets. Perhaps best of all is that he will come cheap as far as players are concerned. In fact, all the Giants will ask for is that the Mets pick up his salary for next year, which is $8.5 million. Apparently, the Mariners are asking too much for Ibanez. I'm not saying Randy Winn is a super star, but if he doesn't cost anything other than cash, Omar has to make this deal.

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dave said...

If we can trade Marlon Anderson for Winn, Omar Minaya is my hero.