Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Wright Needs Your Vote

This is just sinful. According to, Corey Hart is currently beating out David Wright for the last spot on the All Star Team.

Just disgusting.

Mets Lifers we can't let this happen. Not when the All Star Game is in our town. If you hit Corey Hart with a car would you even know who he was? Nope, you'd have no clue. You'd probably keep driving.

David Wright needs your vote as my counterpart Bryan posted earlier this week. Get out there and vote. Vote as many times as you can. It's not that hard. My 3-year old can do it and I'm making him do it on the other computer right now. No Zula Patrol cartoons until he's voted for David Wright 25 times.

Click here to start voting for David Wright, right now! Make the Wright choice for the All Star Game.

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