Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chase Utlety Curses NY Fans, Then Loses

Oh, Chase Utley. Didn't you know you were mic'd up?

In case you haven't heard, Chase Utley didn't care for the welcome he received at Yankee Stadium while being introduced at the Home Run Derby last night. The New York fans, the smartest baseball fans in the world, gave Utley a Bronx welcome with a hardy booing.

Chase Utley didn't like it, so he swore at the fans on national television. Utley probably forgot his mic was on (I guess the bulging battery pack clipped to his pants was not reminder enough), and he was probably saying it to joke with the folks next to him, but still the camera was smack in your face. Show some restraint.

Did he honestly think he was going to be welcomed to New York with open arms? Come on. You get paid millions of dollars a year, you're an All Star, you're probably the NL MVP, so I think you should be able to handle some booing. I guess he got his just desserts as Utley finished dead last in the Home Run Derby.

By the way, how on earth did Josh Hamilton lose this thing?

Now Utley did apologize this morning so I guess it's water under the bridge. Just don't expect him to get a standing ovation tonight when the starting lineups are announced.

Even so, I hope he hits a home run tonight because the NL desperately needs to win one of these things.

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