Monday, July 28, 2008

Greatest Moments at Shea Stadium

The Mets launched a nostalgic promotion this past week that allows Mets fans from across the country to vote on the greatest moments at Shea Stadium.

The nice thing is they didn't limit you to selecting one of ten moments. They've broken it up into decades and there are about 20 moments in each decade to choose from. The funny part is looking at the greatest moments of the 1990's. This is the most recent dark age for Mets Lifers so I found it humorous that there isn't really a legitimate "greatest moment" on the list until you get to 1999.

For me it will be hard to see any moment beat out Game 6 or Game 7 of the 1986 World Series. Although that's a tough choice in and of itself. What's better, the miracle comeback of game 6 or winning the World Series in game 7?

Yeah, it's tough to beat winning a championship. 22 years of craving another one makes the moment look that much sweeter.

Vote for the greatest Shea Stadium moments here.

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