Monday, July 28, 2008

A Refreshing Change of Atmosphere

The Mets are infamous for pulling the trigger on silly trades that bloat the payroll and cause us to lose out on future prospects (a la Mr. Kazmir). It's nice to see that the Mets are now becoming more selective about these trading deadline moves.

The fantastic rumor mill site,, had this to say about the Mets current interest in a corner outfielder:

"The Mets find the prospect price too high on players such as Raul Ibanez and Jason Bay. They just don't like Adam Dunn. They don't like Randy Winn's contract or lack of power. And Manny Ramirez is unlikely for numerous reasons."

There was a time when the Mets would have sold their souls for any one of these guys just to prove they were making moves to improve the ballclub. The team is not giving up FMart, Niese, or any other top prospect for mid-level talent that might not stick around past this season.

I tend to think that the Fernando Tatis Express is also playing into their reluctance to pull the trigger. I would like to see the Mets make a move to improve the club. I think a reliever like Huston Street or a right-handed bat off the bench not named Jeff Conine would be great additions.

This team needs to save their young prospects for deals on top talent (see Johan Santana) or mold them to become the future of the team (see David Wright and Jose Reyes). It's a change from the past, but definitely a good one.

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