Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mike Pelfrey is Looking Legit

Mike Pelfrey just outpitched Tim Lincecum.

That's right. Our Mike Pelfrey. For a top notch prospect, Pelfrey hasn't gotten the kind of love and attention that other young pitching studs have gotten recently like Lincecum and Kazmir (cringe!). And it's rightfully so.

Pelfrey didn't come into the majors with a bang and start dominating hitters. He's struggled the past two seasons and hasn't show the domination we all expected of him. But like any good thing, it takes time to appreciate.

Pelfrey has come into his own this season and has won 5 consecutive starts. That's an achievement for any Mets pitcher, especially this season. But the irony is that Pelfrey did it against a possible NL All Star Game starter and on a night when the Mets needed to keep things rolling.

The offense got started early and didn't let up, but as we all know the key is whether the Mets pitching holds. And Pelfrey did.

I think we can start looking at Pelfrey as more of a starting pitcher than this experimental young project. Oh and by the way, the Mets are a game and a half out of first.

Let's get Santana a long overdue win tonight and keep this train moving.

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bryan said...

Wow! Look what we have here. Is this guy evolving into a good pitcher or what? I'm looking forward to his starts now. He sure looks legit. Plus, he just seems like a good kid. Good for him.