Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Unlikely First Place

I never thought we'd be in this position this year. Not after the April and May this team had.

But here we are in sole possession of first place. And who were the heroes of the game? Carlos Delgado and Oliver Perez. Two guys who's inconsistency and failures earlier in the season drove many a Mets Lifer insane.

Oliver Perez continues to show that he's a gamer. 12 strikeouts across 8+ innings and he didn't walk a single batter. The only walk of the game was an intentional one to Pat Burrell. Carlos Delgado who was 2 for 10 in this series got the one hit the Mets needed in the bottom of the 8th driving in Robinson Cancel and David Wright.

Although Perez will get much of the accolades, how cool under pressure was Aaron Heilman? He comes in with the bases loaded and calmly puts Jayson Werth to bed. Wagner might be sharing the "Sandman" intro in the near future.

Now I fully realize we're only 1 game up in the standings. This is hardly a reason to celebrate, but it's a nice feeling. The fact that the Mets are in this position after Tuesday's debacle makes it even sweeter.

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