Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mike Pelfrey Is Albert Pujols' Daddy

That's right Albert Pujols. Mike Pelfrey owns you.

Pujols struck out twice against Pelfrey last night (and once against Joe Smith) in route to an 0 for 5 evening.
Pelfrey was throwing heat right past the best hitter in the NL and made him look foolish a couple of times. The best was a first pitch slider that buckled Pujols' knees and then landed on the corner for a strike. Pelfrey just looks more and more confident out there and it's really enjoyable to watch.

Carlos Delgado continues his hot streak at the plate with his 20th homer of the season. It's like the cleanup spot is his very own fountain of youth.

And then to top the night off Argenis Reyes hits his first major league home run. I'm starting to really like this kid. I think he's one of those guys that will have one good season and then when you try and bring him back the next year it's like he forgot how to play. Let's ride him while he can play.

U.S. Olympian, Brandon Knight, takes his one shot at the big leagues this season tonight. I'm looking forward to a gold medal performance. Ok, I apologize for that, but it was just too easy.


Andrew Vazzano said...

A golden sombrero is 4 K's...

dave said...

You're right. Thought he had 4ks but it was just in my dreams.