Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SNY HD is Awesome

I'm an HD snob. I'll admit it. If it's not on in HD, I won't watch it.

That's why it bothered me so much the last few seasons that the Mets away games were not in high definition. It's a disgrace to my plasma that I am forced to watch the game with those annoying gray bars on either side.

But now SNY has committed to broadcasting every single Mets game in 2008 in HD, whether it's home or away.

And let me tell you that SNY HD this season is fantastic. They must have boosted their HD signal this year to 1080i or 1080p broadcast frequency because the picture was unbelievable for the Mets opening day game in Florida.

The SNY HD picture rivals the Sunday Night Football game on NBC HD which to me is possibly the best quality video for a sporting event, but SNY is easily rivaling them in quality.

A great opening day. Santana pitches. Mets win. Wright, Reyes & Beltran get a few RBIs. And SNY shows the game in the most stunning HD quality that I've seen for a Mets game.

Kudos to you SNY, and thanks for finally broadcasting away games in high definition. Next year, spring training?

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bryan said...

Literally was talking about this with some peeps at lunch just before. Awesome!

-HD snob also.