Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aaron Heilman Hits #2 on Most Hated List

Osama bin Laden still holds first place, but Aaron Heilman has officially moved up the charts to the #2 most hated person in New York right now.

This is completely in his head now and he needs to step away from the game. Did you see his face in the dugout after he was pulled? It's like he just was at his mother's funeral. And rightfully so because his career may have flatlined.

Willie Randolph has proven though he is capable of putting faith in the most unreliable of pitchers (a.k.a Guillermo Mota) so there's still the chance that Heilman will be allowed back into a tight situation in the very near future.

Hooray, for Willie's confidence.

Two bases loaded bombs in one week should be a signal that Heilman has lost his stuff. Oh and Jorge Sosa can go right along with hijm.

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bryan said...

just disgusting...what can you say. he is awful. i have a feeling he is tipping his pitches.