Friday, April 25, 2008

The Chase

Forget the race for the NL East. Mets stink and I am bored by their apathetic play. I’m more intrigued by a couple of other chases that are kind of flying under the radar right now but I suspect will be big news come September.

First up is the home run race between Chase Utley and the NY Mets. Now fortunately for the Mets, Utley had a single game slump yesterday, going 3-4,with no home runs. And with Beltran and Anderson hitting solo shots (surprise) last night, the Mets took a 12-10 lead on Utley. So with 140 games to go, the Mets have a slight edge right now but if Utley snaps out of his one game slump, he just might win this thing. I’ll be glued to the tellie in September to watch this play out, and you know ESPN will switch to their In Game broadcast to watch Utley’s ABs.

Now this second race doesn’t appear to be nearly as riveting as the home run chase with Utley, but it is worth noting and does involve the gopher ball…specifically the ones served up by Aaron Heilman. With his 4th home run of the season allowed last night, Heilman is 8 behind the Mets’ season total of 12. Odds are, Heilman will lose this race (Unfortunately for Aaron, he doesn’t pitch in every game even though it may appear that way) but I for one, will keep a close eye on this as the season progresses (or digresses depending on how you look at it).

Anyway, don’t get too bummed Mets Lifers. As you can see there are still some really compelling storylines to this 2008/Continuation from 2007 Mets season.

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