Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There's a Reason Why We Boo Delgado

Dear Mr. Delgado-
I understand you were upset with us as Mets fans this year. We constantly boo you and we're ready to pack you up and ship you to Staten Island at a moment's notice.

I can't blame you. It has to be a tough life. I mean you get booed. You count your money. You get booed. You drive your nice car. You get booed. You sleep in a luxury home. I mean who would want that?

But I can see why you didn't want to take a curtain call. You were trying to teach us a lesson and you weren't feeling the "moment." I personally didn't blame you.

But then you proved to us last night why we boo you.

You went 0 for 5 and your average is currently resting below the Mendoza line. Then to top it all off in the 9th inning you pretty much blew the game for us. You're a first baseman. I don't want to hear about short hops or tough throws. It's your job to catch balls that are thrown in your direction. You made a critical error that should have never been.

I'd cut you some slack if this was the first one. But it looks like you can't hit and you can't field. What good are you to us right now? David Wright is struggling, but when it came time for him to step up, he did.

I was so happy for you in 2006 when you were a beast in the playoffs. Since then you've fallen off the face of the earth. I'm pulling for you. I want you to do well. I hate seeing you like this.

But you deserve every boo thrown your way, regardless of what Chris Russo thinks. Your paycheck says we should be getting more from you, and we're not.

So suck it up and start turning things around.


Brad said...

I think this ship has sailed. Once the Nady deal becomes a reality (yes, I'm hopeful), Delgado will become another loss.

I really wanted him to rebound this year, but it's not like the Mets didn't see the signs before this season.

Nice piece.


bryan said...

amen to that!