Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mets Power Surge

My fellow Mets Lifer, Bryan, called for some much needed muscle last week and the Mets were happy to oblige last night.

The team with the fewest home runs in the National League exploded for 3 homers last night. David Wright was about 5 feet shy of making it 4, but Wright had hit a home run in his last 3 games so he's been pulling his weight.

I have to admit that I don't like it when Jose Reyes hits a home run. I think it messes with his head and he feels the need to swing with an even bigger uppercut. Yeah, that's just what he needs. Beltran finally got one and it was from the right side of the plate which is a surprise.

By the way, wasn't the knock on Ryan Church that he couldn't hit left handed pitching? I know it was only Matt Chico, but Church hit a bomb into the right field bullpen and the last few games has been hitting lefties like it's batting practice.

Even though the homers are great the success of the past two games has been Reyes' ability to get on base. Reyes and Church went a combined 4 for 8. That kind of production from your top 2 in the order is almost guaranteed to get you some runs.

Let's make it a sweep tonight with the return of the Barber of Queens, Figuerora!

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