Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Cure for Opening Day Depression

1 clutch base hit by anyone in the Mets lineup
6 innings of shutout baseball by Mike Pelfrey
3 times on base for Jose Reyes
0 runs scored off the bullpen
1 chance for Billy Wagner to notch a save

Those are the ingredients for the ultimate remedy to the current Mets plight. A win tonight is needed more for the team (and fans) morale than anything else.

I realize it's the second week of the season, but this Mets team needs a run to put the '07 you know what behind them and to get them to start believing in this team's chance at a playoff run in 2008.

If the losing continues against the Phils, Willie Randolph will have more and more pressure on him, the players will start playing a little tighter, and every run given up by the bullpen will add fuel to the fire that this team is not over '07 yet.

That can all be gone with a win tonight and tomorrow. But we need at least 4 of the 5 ingredients listed above.

And in my humble opinion Jose Reyes getting on base is the most important one.

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Brad said...

Series wins over the Phils and Brewers would go a LONG way toward erasing an ugly start to the season.

Remember how 2006 started...0-and-what? Exactly.