Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Wright (and Mike Pelfrey) Beat Nationals

David Wright five, Nationals zero. That basically sums up last nights' game.

Oh that and the fact that Mike Pelfrey pitched 7 innings without giving up a run, striking out 4 and only walking 2. Wasn't that suppose to be Johan Santana's box score? I thought I saw Pelfrey talking to Johan in the dugout. Probably giving him some pointers.

But the real story is David Wright who has broken out of his normal April funk this week. He homered in the first to kick start the Mets offense and they never looked back. Wright went 3 for 4 on the night and Reyes even went 4 for 5.

Hmmm, so deduction tell me that David Wright hitting + Jose Reyes getting on base = Mets victory. A simple formula for winning but it's been one that's difficult to calculate of late.

By the way, hat tip to the fans at Shea for giving it to Lastings Milledge on his return to Shea. A lot has been said about the fans booing Santana but we New York Mets fans aren't stupid. Santana will be lauded, but we know when we need to turn on those who speak out against our team. Of course Milledge got a double in the first inning but he was quiet after that.

Bring on two more against the Nats. We need some payback after what they did to us last September.

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