Friday, April 4, 2008

Things to Look Forward to in the Series Against the Braves

  1. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  2. Not seeing Mike Hampton pitch again (hee hee)
  3. Chipper Jones getting hit in the head
  4. David Wright shoving his gold glove down Chipper's throat
  5. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  6. Watching Johan Santana vs. John Smoltz
  7. Laughing uncontrollably if Mike Pelfrey out pitches Tom Glavine
  8. Booing Tom Glavine uncontrollably
  9. Away games in HD on SNY HD
  10. Mets taking 2 out of 3 in Turner Field

Lets go Mets!


Brad said...

Don't jinx us on #7...


Brad said...

By the way, how are you guys doing? I have to admit, I was bad keeping up on your site during the offseason.

Keep up the good work!


dave said...

Thanks for the comments Brad. Things are good here. Took the offseason off for a while but getting back into things now that the season has started. Looks like your site is still going strong.

Brad said...

We're doing very well, but our Mets readership is touch and go. The ones we have are phenomenal, but they can be fickle.

Hoping to do more crossposting this season, with some live blogging thrown in.

Whenever you guys have something you want us to see, let me know. I'll do the same.

Good to be back!


dave said...

Very cool. We'll definitely send some stuff your way from time to time. And please do the same.

If you're running contests or promos you'd like to get some extra promotion on I'd be happy to feature it.

bryan said...

Just made my wife change Saturday plans b/c I realized the game was at 4PM. No way I am missing that soft tossing Glavine get racked (or whacked). Course, I'll have to deal with the Misses, but it'll be worth it I'm confident.

Anonymous said...

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