Thursday, April 24, 2008

Santana Makes Pitch to Bat Cleanup

Johan Santana was the only Met to get the ball out of the infield twice last night. The super starter notched two doubles and a walk to go along with his 4 strikeouts as the Mets won 7-2.

There's really nothing like a series against the Nationals to make a team feel good after getting pounded for two straight days.

Delgado was mercifully dropped to the 6th spot in the lineup and actually managed to drive in a run. I'm up for dropping Delgado down to the 8th spot. Let Church bat 5th. Pagan bat 6th and Schneider bat 7th. Delgado will draw some walks batting in front of the pitcher and then Santana can drive him in with his doubles.

How much more comfortable did Castillo look last night in the 2 hole? I love having Pagan up there but I don't think Castillo knows how to bat unless he's batting second in the lineup.

This was a win to help the team forget their trip to Chicago. A sweep of the Nationals is just what the doctor ordered. Anything less is pretty pitiful.


bryan said...

Wonder if Santana can play first on the nights he's not pitching.

Brad said...

All this on the same week Ryan Church said he's available to pitch.