Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bottom Four Bust Out

My best argument for the Mets this year was that we had the best lineup 1-4 in the NL with Reyes, Castillo, Wright & Beltran.

None of those guys showed up on Wednesday but the Mets still were able to pour on 8 runs to beat the Philthies. The bottom four batters in Delgado, Church, Easley & Schneider all got hits and were able to either score or drive in runs in route to the Mets win.

Easley has been smoking the ball and if he keeps it up will make us quickly forget about Luis "My Knees Are Glued On" Castillo. Both Ryan Church & Brian Schneider are making their mark early this season. Reyes did get on base but looks very awkward at the plate. The upper cut swing is back which is as welcome as Chipper Jones to David Wright's birthday party.

Let's not overlook Mike Pelfrey who did a solid job and it was good to see him get a win on his first outing. Pelfrey's toughest inning was actually a 1-2-3 inning where he was forced to throw 27 pitches to 3 batters. But that to me is a fantastic sign. Even though he had to throw a ton of pitches it didn't lead to a big inning. That's ok with me.

Tomorrow is the rubber game in the series and a win on Thursday would be a welcomed series win against our now most bitter rival.

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