Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well that was quick. All that euphoria we were feeling yesterday was quickly turned into mush a day later. It must be baseball season. And unfortunately for Mets fans, that means a lot of anguish.

Tonight, not only did the Mets lose on a walk off home run by a guy who never hit a major league homer before, but we also lost Pedro Martinez once again as he pulled a hammie in the 4th inning and had to leave the game. I’m not ready to jump off a cliff but this is exactly what we didn’t need to happen two games in. It’s a total buzz kill. And watching the post game report, you get a sense that Willie and company are completely dejected by this. They looked like the wind was just taken out of their sails, and Willie in particular, looked like he was ready to shed a tear (maybe not that bad). In any event, this was a tough night for the Mets and selfishly, for me too, since this loss officially christens in a new season where I become quite moody. Up one day, down the next. Need to get tomorrow’s game underway and purge this feeling.

By the way, can someone tell me why Ryan Church swung at the first pitch after Gregg was 3-0 on 4 straight hitters before him? Listen, you make an out, fine. But when you’re just not thinking up there, that annoys me. It’s inexcusable.

SNY Broadcast note: Loved the Kazmir & Zeppelin reference. Gary Cohen even got the album title correct.


Anonymous said...

See please here

dave said...

Typical Mets fashion you go from highest hopes to deepest despair in a matter of 24 hours. Our now formidable starting pitching has some gaping holes. Ugh.