Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Final Opening Day at Shea

I'm just about ready to head to Shea for the last Opening Day at our beloved, yet imperfect, stadium. Shea is like a second home for me, having been going there since the late 70's. And while I'll be sad to see it go, there is no doubt I am fired up for the new CitiField. It's not like we were overly successful in this stadium, winning just as many championships as the Florida Marlins, but in 40+ years. So hopefully, the new stadium will host more World Series than Shea.

Unfortunately, today, in what will be a memorable day in Queens, the 57,000+ fans in attendance will have to endure listening to a truly pathetic sing-a-long song by Rick Astley in the 8th inning. If there weren't enough things to be embarrassed about, being a Mets fan (see '07 collapse, or "Who Brought the Dogs Out" theme in 2000), but this is downright silly.

Anyway, let's hope for a Mets victory today, because if they lose, and I have to hear that awful song, my humiliation will be at an apex.

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