Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Missing Mets

Let me start this post by saying I'm confident in the Mets roster of players. I love the Santana trade, and I think that Schneider and Church will both add some stability to our lineup.

I do think that there are a few Mets this year that will be missed. Sure we had to give up something to get something, and everything we got was a more than adequate addition. But I still know there will be times this year (and probably the next few years) where we'll miss these ex-Mets.

1. Carlos Gomez
We got Johan Santana for him and some other minor leaguers. Clearly the Mets got the better end of the bargain, but Gomez is sure to impress folks in Minnesota this year. I guarantee that on more than one occasion we'll see Gomez make a stellar grab in the outfield or showcase his blazing speed on ESPN's Baseball Tonight. With Alou being out, Gomez's absence might become more pronounced early on this year than anyone expected.

2. Lastings Milledge
I don't think we'll miss Milledge too much this year. Although I'm quite certain there will be a "payback" hit where he drives in some key runs at some point when the Mets play the Nationals. I have a feeling that Milledge will mature as a hitter this year and next year become a Shannon Stewart type of hitter.

3. Ruben Gotay
My man-crush is gone. He might never amount to the player I thought he'd be, but I do love that lefty bat coming off the bench. As long as Castillo's knees stay glued in place, Gotay will become a distant memory.

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