Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carlos Delgado Day at Shea

Welcome back Carlos Delgado. It's great to see you again.

Delgado looked like his former self on Sunday as he crushed two home runs including one off Brave ace, John Smoltz. Delgado's swing actually looked like his 2006 swing more so than I've seen of him the last 13 months.

Don't get me wrong he's still got to show me he can consistently produce before I welcome him with open arms.

Also, how about the hefty left, Raul Casanova? Casanova hit a deep homer off Smoltz as well.

How much does David Wright hate facing John Smoltz? Can't say I blame him.

One last stat that will blow your mind: Carlos Delgado has a better on base percentage than Jose Reyes. Ouch. That should keep you up at nights Jose.

Bring in the Pirates although Monday's game will probably be a rain out. Feels good to get two from the Braves especially since it was against Hudson & Smoltz. Glavine is still too scared to show his face at Shea.


Michael Seff said...

Good for the Mets that he's back on track.


bryan said...

his production is so key to this team's success. let's hope he gets hot.