Sunday, April 6, 2008

Typical Mets Finish

Sunday's finale against the Braves was a real drag. First you had to watch Johan Santana suffer as Met after Met after marched up to the plate with a chance to give him a win only to have it fall short.

Then you had to endure yet another home run given up by Aaron "the Home Run King" Heilman to put a reachable 1-0 game turn into a 3-0 cushion.

As I was lying down on my couch fading somewhere between slumber and disappointment, the Mets of course rally in the 9th. My nap is officially ruined as I sit with anticipation as the Mets have 2 on base with a run in leaving the tying run on 1st (who by the way was Angel Pagan who is a fantastic pick up so far).

So right after Soriano basically loses total control of his command, what does Brian Schneider do? Why swing at the first pitch of course!

I will give Schneider some slack as it was a beautifully placed hit over the first base bag that Mark Texiera made a nice play on, but still swinging at the first pitch in the 9th inning with 2 on and 2 out and you're down 2????? Come on.

But that's a typical Mets finish. They tease. They toy. They ultimately disappoint. Now I've got no Sunday afternoon nap and the Mets have lost two to the Braves. Bring on the Phils because we need something to cheer against.

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bryan said...

Indeed typical. It has kind of gone under the radar a little that Heilman does have a knack for giving up an important home run. I knew that would come back to haunt us.