Friday, April 25, 2008

Mets Get Beat By Man With Girl's Name

Kelly. Are you kidding me? Kelly Johnson? How many home runs can one Mets team give up to guys who've never hit double digit homers in their career? This is like the 4th guy this week that's gotten a game winning home run and struggles to get the ball out of the infield on a regular basis. This isn't Pujols or Ortiz or Howard. It's Kelly Johnson. He's like an overgrown leprechaun.

I wouldn't mind as much if it was Pat Burrell or Chipper Jones or even Frenchie Franceour. At least those guys can swing the bat and if they beat you, hey it happens.

But Kelly Johnson?

Even so, the Mets did themselves in when they couldn't crack this game open in the 3rd inning with the bases loaded. Sure they got in the pitcher's head (I'd name the pitcher but there's no way I'm spelling his name right) and he ended up walking 4 in a row because the Mets were a bunch of statues up there. I really thought Pagan was going to come through but no.

I guess the Marlon Anderson experiment at 1st has started and will get people talking.

Wright & Reyes need to wake up and get out of this funk. I hate to throw the entire ballclub on two guys shoulders but if they're not producing we're not winning.

Kelly Johnson!?!?! Are you kidding me? Where are my pills?

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