Saturday, April 19, 2008

Now That's Johan Santana

That's what the Mets paid $20 million for.

Johan Santana owned the Phillies last night (at least for the first 7 innings) striking out 10 and showed complete control of all his pitches. Santana was pitted against Phillies "ace" Cole Hamels but proved who the true ace really is.

Santana still gave up a long ball to Chase Utley, but that's the only way teams score runs on him. If he can keep his pitches down and avoid the long ball he'll be unstoppable.

David Wright also continued his hitting ways as he was just a home run shy of the cycle while going 4 for 4 with a walk. And all those who were impressed by Delgado's hot start, welcome back to earth.

That makes 4 in a row and with OP on the mound this afternoon there's a shot to make it 5.

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bryan said...

spot on. he was dominant.