Saturday, April 12, 2008

Headlines for Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan has become an early hit for the Mets thanks to his bat, his speed, and even his hustle in the outfield. As a Mets fan I've quickly come to like Angel Pagan, but I also love him as a blogger for the headlines he offers.

It's been years since the Mets have had a guy with a name that offers so much potential for creative headlines until Angel Pagan. As I was planning on writing a post about him the other day at least 20 different plays on his name immediately came to mind, such as:
  • "Angel Gives Mets Wings to Victory"
  • "Angel Pagan Is Heaven Sent"
  • "Angel Pagan Provides Miracle Hit"
  • "Guardian Angel Protects Mets Win"

And I could go on. Let's say Pagan gets into a bit of a slump:

  • "Fallen Angel Hurts Mets Offense"
  • "The Dark Angel Posseses Mets Lineup"
  • "Angel Has His Wings (and Bat) Clipped"

So many play on words, so little time. The best part is the kid can play so all this word smithing would be in vain if Pagan couldn't produce some offense. He's the most exciting player to watch so far this season and every time he comes to the plate I feel like something is going to happen.

Today he bats leadoff as Reyes gets the day off and I'm fully confident he can pick up the slack with Jose out of the lineup. Now who expected that line would ever be written?

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