Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Let Down on Opening Day

I almost tried to skip out and head over to Shea for its last opening day. Now I'm glad I didn't.

Oliver Perez saw a well pitched game go to waste in the 7th inning thanks to Scott Blowenweis. The Mets didn't do a whole lot on the offensive front either leaving a ton of men on base.

Do you find yourself saying that it's only the 6th game of the season and that this isn't a big deal? Yeah, me too. It's called denial. The inability to put away NL East rivals at any point during the season is not a good sign.

Willie Randolph should be worried. This can't keep up or else the media and Mets fans will be calling for his head by the time May rolls around.

Still two games left in the series, and the Mets better get their act together real quick.

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bryan said...

totally embarrassing.