Monday, April 14, 2008

What's the Deal with Brian Schneider's Intro Music?

Ok, I can't dwell on yesterday's game because it was a debacle and there's no use thinking about it anymore.

But I have to ask has anyone noticed Brian Schneider's intro music when he comes up to bat? Usually intro music is suppose to symbolize who you are or it's a tune that gets you geared up.

I know that Piazza used to switch his music up to various metal groups. My 3 year old can tell when Carlos Delgado comes up because he's been using the same song with that familiar Latin beat for the past three years.

So that brings me to Schneider who unless I'm totally mistaken has some type of hip hop/techno music for his intro. I don't know the name of the song, but it's probably the last song I'd envision to symbolize Brian Schneider. I pegged him as more of a classic rock kind of guy, but maybe I'm just revealing my stereotyping tendencies.

Anyway, the best intro music still goes to Ramon Castro who has "The Imperial March" from Star Wars play when he bats. That still makes me laugh.

I guess I can't knock Schneider because he's been hitting the ball, but if his average starts to dip I think the intro music should be the first thing to go.


Brad said...

I think Schneider should come out to that famous country song, "We Didn't Trade For Your Bat (So Start Catching the Goddamn Ball)"

(Okay, so it's underground country)

Will said...

when i was at shea last week, his intro music was "in the air tonight" by phil collins. which is exactly the kind of thing i think he'd listen to.

Ellie said...

when i went to a game the music was 'cyclone' by baby bash and t-pain and i thought it was the most absurd thing ever