Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mets Lifer Shout Out

For those of you who are familiar with this site, you know from time to time we like to give big Shout Outs to Mets Lifers out there in the baseball universe. Last year we made special mention of the kid who caught Barry Bonds* “record-breaking” home run ball in SF, and the old man wearing the classic blue cap with orange logo in a sea of Phillie fans in Philly on that last Saturday afternoon (before Sunday Bloody Sunday, thank you Tom Glavine).

Today, I’d like to give a big shout out to another Mets Lifer, Nelson Figuerora. Figuerora, a life-long Mets fan and Brooklyn native, made his dream come true by pitching his favorite team to a victory against the Milwaukee Brewers.

This is a truly remarkable story. We’ve all dreamed of playing for the Mets but you know it never actually happens. How many times did you hit the walk off homer in your backyard to propel the Mets to victory or throw that last pitch to win the World Series in front of the Shea faithful? Or how many times did you dream about drilling Roger Clemens in the nose with your heater because Sean Estes was a little girl and couldn’t do the job? Sorry, I digress.

Seriously, when you really think about how extraordinary last night was for this kid, it is like something out of a movie…or a dream.

Mets Lifer honorable mention Shout Out goes to the entire Figuerora family and friends who were going nuts in the luxury suite throughout the game…Great to see.

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dave said...

He's the barber of Queens. Figuerora! Figuerora! Figuerora