Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ladies and gentlmen, Mets Lifers of all ages, what we have here is a textbook example of a mediocre baseball team; nothing more, nothing less. They’re mediocre and have been since May of last season. I’m not exactly sure what their record is in that time but I know it’s right around .500.

The good news for you, if you do indeed accept this realization, is that you will free yourself from any silly expectation of this team winning a World Series. And thus, will avoid the inevitable heartache in September, not too mention the countless hours spent watching loafers like Carlos Delgado drop routine throws or forget to cover the bag. Is Carlos even in the game? I mean, I know he’s in there, I see him, but man, it’s like he’s invisible. Someone should throw a ball at him from the dugout just to keep him awake. Wake up, Carlos!

Speaking of loafers, how about that Luis Castillo? There’s a player, huh? I’m so glad we get to see him hobble around for the next 4 years instead of young guys like Rubin Gotay. I never thought I’d see a guy with a worse swing than Kaz Matsui but Castillo takes the prize on this one. Hey, at least he can bunt right? He’s really good at that. Don’t get fooled by his inability to lay one down just because he failed against the Phillies the other night, this guy is an awesome bunter. You just wait and see.

And I love Carlos Beltran talking smack in spring training, about being the team to beat and all. That was cool. I’m just wondering when Beltran is going to actually hit the ball. I know it’s early and you know, he’ll have his numbers I guess at the end of the year but in the meantime, we’re losing games. How about a hit with men on base? I know I’m looking forward to that. Can’t wait.

Look, this is all very simple. We can do all the analysis we want; dissect Willie’s moves on a daily basis, but the bottom line is that Beltran and Delgado are not hitting. Period! They have one home run each. Our 4 and 5 hitters have one home run. Hanley Ramirez hit two home runs in one game the other day. If these guys are not going to produce, then you are cooked. Done. Game over. Forget anything else you want to analyze, when the 4 and 5 hitters in your lineup are not hitting the ball, you have all the answers you need. It’s right there.

I wrote a post on the eve of Opening Day about timely hitting. Unfortunately, the Mets have done anything but timely hitting. This alarming trend has to turn around if this team intends to contend for the NL East. Otherwise, they will remain a mediocre team.


Unknown said...

Preach it brother. Carlos Squared are MIA. Let Church bat clean up for crying out loud. But you want to talk about METiocrity? Look no further than our middle relief.

bryan said...

You are so right about that. Unfortunately, none of our starters can make it to the 8th inning and the pen is in there choking it up every night.

Brad said...

Sosa must go. Promote Lugo. Trade Schoeneweis. Use Wagner.

This team makes me drink heavily.

bryan said...

I was self-medicated yesterday due to a cold. Normally alcohol numbs the pain, but man, nighttime Nyquil - during the day - can have a dillusional effect on you. Did Carlos Delgado really forget to cover the bag or was that my meds kicking in? Sureal.

Toasty Joe said...

I posted the exact same theme (about mediocrity and expectations) last week. Agree totally. I'm afraid we just ain't that good.