Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bugs and Cranks Indoor Four Contest '08

The well written, Bugs & Cranks, has returned this season with a brand new round of their "Indour Four Contest."

I'd never seen this before last year, but it's a very unique contest where basically you pick a player that you think is going to hit an inside the park home run every month and you get points for triples. At the end of every month you tally up your points based on your players performance and there's a chance to win Best Buy gift cards.

The grand prize is a $300 Best Buy gift card. Can you see a Blu-Ray DVD player in your future?

I'd go with Carl Crawford or Carlos Gomez. But of course the guy who hits an inside the park home run will probably someone totally absurd like Jorge Posada just to mess with us.

Anyway, check it out at Bugs & Cranks and stick around to check out some great posts covering all of your favorite MLB teams.

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