Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Matt Wise Tries Out for the Role of Guillermo Mota

Keith Hernandez had just finished the last consonant in a sentence where he remarked how Matt Wise was leaving his changeup too high in the zone when "I Don't Even Know His First Name" Andino crushed a walk off homer to left field to send the Mets to their first loss of the season.

I was a little surprised to see Willie Randolph turn to Wise in back to back games to start the season. I was thinking he'd bring in Joe Smith to get him some work and burn an inning before relying on a long reliever to get through the extra innings.

The worst part is Wise's stuff looked pretty good. His change up was filthy against the first two batters when he was keeping it low. I have no clue what possessed him to try throwing it up in the zone. Anyone who's ever played a 2K baseball video game knows that a changeup or curveball high in the strike zone is an automatic home run!

I was waiting to hear Willie Randolph say in the postgame inteviews that Matt Wise is "his guy." That would have been the kiss of death for him.

It's only one loss, but with Pedro Martinez getting injured I guess you could say it's actually a number of losses.

Woody Williams phone is now ringing off the hook.

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bryan said...

"His guy" - too funny. Wise did look sharp but man, that kid just rocked the hanger. Still steaming over that.