Saturday, April 12, 2008

Need Some Muscle

I’m not really sure a whole lot has been made out of this but do you realize the Mets have only three home runs as a team through their first nine games? Count’em, that’s one, two, three! This dubious number ranks them dead last in the majors. Compare that with Arizona Diamondbacks who have 20 home runs in 10 games, and you’re looking at a Grade A power outage in Queens. In fact, this number is so low there are actually 11 players who have hit more long balls than the entire Mets roster. 18 other players have hit three.

I’m not sure what the problem is; if the new stadium is having an effect on the ball carrying in left center, or if guys just haven’t found their groove, but this is rather peculiar. I’m not overly concerned right now, especially since we’ve won three in a row, but I would like to see a bomb today when Johan takes the hill at 1pm. Who knows, maybe it’ll be Santana who’ll end the drought.


dave said...

First, that is the most disturbing picture ever posted. Second I can't believe the D'Backs have 20 homers. Third, why does it seem like we have a "power outage" every April! Cork some bats people.

bryan said...