Monday, March 31, 2008

Santana + Runs = Wins

If the Mets put up 3 runs or more every time Santana pitches, Johan Santana will win 25 games this year. I was amazed with his changeup and the way he changes speeds. He was a dominant pitcher although I do realize it was the Marlins he was facing.

I did enjoy the way he made batters swing. It looked like they had rubber arms when he was throwing his fastball followed up by a 15 mph slower changeup.

But the confidence he showed on the mound and calmness about him was truly refreshing. Here's a man who had the eyes of New York and the baseball world on him and pitched flawlessly.

Also, tell me you weren't thinking no hitter when he retired the first 9 to face him? I know the thought crept into my mind. So sad, isn't it. Someday it'll happen though, and Sanata might just be the one to do it.

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bryan said...

Certainly looked better than Glavine. Not only did we get the best pitcher in baseball, but we no longer have Glavine in the rotation, and he's now helping the Braves lose games. Perfect.