Monday, March 10, 2008

The Revolving Door in Left Field

We all knew Moises Alou was going to get hurt at some point this season although I don't think any of us expected it to be in the first two weeks of spring training.

So now the loss of Carlos Gomez leaves us with a revolving door in left field. Believe me I'm glad we got Santana for Gomez and pitching prospects, but it does reveal a significant hole in the Mets lineup: lack of outfielders.

Fernando Martinez is too young (so the experts say) to be thought of as Alou's replacement. That leaves Endy Chavez as the next best option. I don't mind Endy starting the season in left. I don't think he's an everyday player as he tends to wear down and lose some production when he plays everyday, but he's our best option right now.

Then there's the makeshift outfielder option in Marlon Anderson/Damion Easley. Now Anderson played some left field when we first picked him up last season and was hitting the cover off the ball. But of course left field is neither of these guys natural position and their fielding will be exploited if they were to play every day.

That leaves the "trade" option. Sure Xavier Nady's name is being tossed around, but who are we going to trade? We sold the farm for Santana (rightfully so). Jorge Sosa? Not a bad option, but does Sosa get you Nady straight up? I don't think so.

A guy in spring training who's getting some attention is Angel Pagan. Young guy who plays like he wants to be on the team. He's fighting for a roster spot right now, and I love seeing guys do that. They play with a whole lot more passion because basically they're job is on the line. I'm not sure what Pagan's production level would be in the big leagues, but he'll probably bat in the 8th spot and if you can get a hustle guy who can lay down some bunts and play solid defense, that's not a bad thing to have.

I think we'll end up seeing Chavez in left field on opening day, but I'd like to see Angel Pagan given a shot to be on the roster if he keeps playing like he has been the last few weeks.

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Will said...

i'm really happy with how angel pagan has been playing, and would love to see him be rewarded with a spot on the roster (hey, willie was impressed!). and i'm glad those, coco crisp/angel pagan trade rumors were dismissed as bunk, even though that would be the best-named trade in the history of sports.