Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Will the Real David Wright Please Stand Up

David Wright is quietly the 2008 Mets' version of Alex Rodriguez: Nice stats, awful in the clutch. I say 'quietly' because no one, other than Dave here, is really commenting on it. Finally, Gary Cohen and Keith discussed it during Wright's putrid 8th inning "K" to Gagne, but let's face it, Wright has been brutal all season with men on base. In recent weeks, he has been up numersou times in key spots only to fail. If he had come through in some of those situations, there wouldn't have been as much pressure on the bullpen. Take a look at the numbers:

Runners On: .271
RISP: 240
RISP (2 outs): .224
Bases Loaded: .214

He's so unclutch this year that I actually have zero confidence in him coming through in a big spot. There are at least 5 maybe 6 other guys that I would rather see hit in key situations: Reyes, Delgado (of course), Tatis, Beltran (sometimes), Church (coming around) and even the kid, Daniel Murphy have all proven they can get it done. Yet, Wright is supposed to be the best hitter, which tells you that it's all mental.

I love Wright as much as anyone, but there is no doubt he is pressing. He's starting to remind me of Jeff Kent when Kent was on the Mets in '92, '93. Kent was so predictable, wiffing at all of those junk sliders away, in the dirt. It was so painful to watch AB after AB, that I was happy to be rid of him for a bag of baseballs let alone Carlo Baerga. Course...Kent goes on to a Hall of Fame career and Baerga, well...

David needs to relax. Clearly easier said than done, but he needs to get back to basics. I'm sure HoJo is telling him this, but David has to go the other way with pitches. That's his trademark and it makes him one of the most difficult outs in the game. But right now, he's very pitchable and it's getting to his head. You can see his frustration, even when he's walking to the plate for his ABs. He's already defeated before stepping in to the box. Tonight, David should take extra BP and be forced to hit every ball to the opposite field. If he pulls the ball, he should drop and do 30 push ups.

David, we need you down the stretch. You are the best hitter on this club. Relax, get back to that Mike Piazza style of hitting and drive the ball to right center. When you start doing that again, you will make the Phillies and any other NL foe afraid to play against this team.


dave said...

He looks like he's trying to hit a home run every time up. Settle down big fella. Relax. Star hitting to the opposite field like in the good ol' days.

stars said...

While I definitely agree with you that he hasn't been playing the ball we know and love him to play, when the man is 2nd in the league in RBIs, it is probably a little unfair to say he's been brutal with men on base.