Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tatis Out

As if the Mets health wasn't bad enough as it is, it appears the Mets may lose Fernando Tatis who left Tuesday's game with a separated shoulder.

So the Mets lost one of the main infielders playing the outfield for them. Yup, that's right.

The question will be whether Jerry Manuel gives Endy Chavez a shot or goes with the Evans/Murphy platoon. I like Murphy a lot, but Nick Evans has me worried a bit. I think Endy and Evans are about the same at the plate these days, but at least Endy gives you a solid glove. The only issue is that Endy is a lefty and Evans at least gives you a right-handed bat in the lineup.

If Tatis is done for the season, that's a major blow to the Mets as he's been one of the few clutch hitters this season with men in scoring position. It would be a shame to see his amazing comeback season end abruptly like this.

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bryan said...

this is a big blow b/c he was the only guy up there who was not afraid to be hitting in key spots.