Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Desi Relaford for Closer

The people of Mets Lifer nominate Desi Relaford as the new closer for the New York Mets. No not the guy married to Lucille Ball. The dude who used to play second base. Wore his cap real low.

Desi Relaford pitched for the Mets in one game back in 2001 and was clocked at over 90 mph. Relaford has a lifetime era of 4.18 which is better than what the current Mets relievers are doing this year. Heilman, Figeuroa, Sanchez, Muniz, and Pedro all have a worse ERA just to name a few.

I wanted to get Todd Zeile, but he's too busy making movies. So it looks like Desi Relaford is our only hope. I can see it now. He enters the game up 4-2 and gives up a 3 run home run to lose the game. Oh wait, that's Luis Ayala.

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